1. WayWay API Demo is out

    image@maxpoglia at Buvette, NYC | Instagram

    Our API Demo is finally available! 

    We have been working really hard to bring Instagram pictures to your directory. Now you can try our demo and see what content is available! 

    WayWay API Demo

    To see the pictures of a place, enter its wayway_place_ID. This place_ID can be retrieved using our matching endpoint. 

    Here is a list of five restaurants you can try now: 

    1. Les Philosophes, Paris. place_id:217753

    2. Buvette, NYC. place_id: 220940

    3. Arturito, São Paulo. place_id: 280736

    4. Matiz, Bogota. place_id: 286667

    5. Café Sydney, Sydney. place_id: 400616

    Start your one-month free trial now to discover more places and pictures and start integrating them to your website! 

    Hope you enjoy! We’d be very happy to hear your feedback. 

  2. Why Instagram is your best source of pictures?

    Pictures are taking over the internet.

    Dating with Tinder, communication with Snapchat, blogging with Tumblr…

    It does not take a lot of vision to see that directories are going to be the next ones to jump ships and integrate more and more pictures for their listings.  

    Instagram pictures feel real

    As opposed to pictures taken by professionals, Instagram pictures tell the genuine story of a place.

    How is it this bar on a Saturday night? How crowded is it? What kind of people go there? Are they having a good time? What kind of drinks? Of lightning?

    Instagram pictures tend to depict the place as it is in a live situation, not edited, raw.

    Users will be able to project themselves in the environment depicted and make better decision for themselves because they will grasp the reality of the place.

    On the other hand, professional shots are to restaurants what photoshop is to models: the plates might look beautiful but they seem still, life less, atone.  

    You will bring much more value to your users providing them with user-generated pictures that will help them in their decision-making process. 

    Let me illustrate my point with a quick example. Here are two pictures of the New York-based taqueteria Toloache

    image Tacos from Toloache - Time Out - Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

    image Tacos from Toloache - @kwestenhiser - Instagram 

    These two pictures look amazing, right? But which one brings more information about the actual food you can expect to find at Toloache?

    The user-generated picture from Instagram, of course. That’s the kind of information your users will be looking for. 

    Of course, there are many ways to integrate pictures to your directory website. With WayWay, you can start integrating Instagram pictures easily. 

     What about you? After reading our article, would you go for professional or user-generated pictures?  

    Answer our micro-poll on Voice here and comment on this article! 

  3. How to Instantly Enrich Your Content With Beautiful User-generated Pictures


    Deliver high user experience with quality pictures from Social Media

    Remember when you were a kid and read picture books but only cared about the pictures? We’re naturally attracted to pictures over text. Pictures tell stories that speak to our heart. 

    Did you know that pictures get 94% more clicks than text links on Social Media? They almost double traffic and engagement.

    Yet, most directory websites lack pictures - both in quality and quantity. Here is where you can find them.

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  4. San Francisco happy hour scene

    Looking for a good deal, great times and a drink? We used WayWay to search for “#happyhour” in San Francisco and found these bars. Give them a try and let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook

    Download the app to find other bars and restaurants near you.

    Palomino (345 Spear St, SOMA) 

    Top hashtags: 

    • #happyhour, #drinks, #dinner

    Waterbar (399 The Embarcadero S, SOMA)

    Top hashtags: 

    • #oysters, #seafood, #bridge

    Sens Restaurant (4 Embarcadero Ctr) 

    Top hashtags: 

    • #happyhour, #tgif, #friends

    Hog Island Oyster Co (1 Ferry Building) 

    Top hashtags: 

    • #oysters, #seafood, #clamchowder

  5. Samovar Tea Louge on Howard St, is the most popular place for tea in San Francisco. 
(Photo credit: Instagram user @gleam59) 

    Samovar Tea Louge on Howard St, is the most popular place for tea in San Francisco. 

    (Photo credit: Instagram user @gleam59) 

  6. Best Sushi in New York

    Yum SUSHI! We have a list of places to get your sushi fix. 

    Morimoto (88 10th Ave, Chelsea) 

    Beyond Sushi (229 E 14th St, East Village) 

    Blue Ribbon Sushi (119 Sullivan St, SoHo) 

    Sushi Yasuda (204 E 43rd St, Turtle Bay) 

    Sushi Park (121 2nd Ave, East Village) 

    Download WayWay to get more local recommendations for restaurants and bars near you!

  7. Meatless Monday

    Happy Meatless Monday!! 

    If you’re in New York, looking for somewhere to get some vegetarian cuisine, we have the list for you! Even if you’re not participating in the meatless way of life, these restaurants have great food that you’re sure to enjoy! 

    Shanti Shack 85 N 3rd St, Brooklyn) 

    Top hashtags: 

    • #vegetarian
    • #vegan
    • #health

    Beyond Sushi (229 E 14th St, Manhattan) 

    Top hashtags: 

    • #vegan
    • #sushi
    • #whatveganseat

    Pure Food and Wine (54 Irving Pl, Manhattan) 

    Top hashtags: 

    • #vegan
    • #raw
    • #healthy

    Champs (176 Ainslie St, Brooklyn) 

    Top hashtags: 

    • #vegan
    • #whatveganseat
    • #vegansofig

    Psst: these are great places to check out on other days of the week too! 

  8. New York’s Best Nightclubs

    Ready to get some drinks and hit the dance floor this weekend? 

    These are New York City’s hottest nightclubs. 

    Marquee (289 10th Ave, Chelsea) 

    1 OAK (453 W 17th St, Chelsea) 

    LAVO (39 E 58th St, Midtown West) 

    PH-D at Dream Downtown (355 W 16th St, Chelsea) 

  9. Happy Wine Wednesday!

    Happy Wine Wednesday!

  10. Wine Wednesday!


    Happy Wine Wednesday! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate getting over hump day than with a glass of wine. We have your guide to the New York wine scene right here. You can also hop on WayWay to find other bars near you. 


    The Tangled Vine Wine Bar & Kitchen (434 Amsterdam Ave, Upper West Side) 



    Barawine (200 Malcolm X Blvd, Harlem) 

    Osteria Cotta (513 Columbus Ave, Upper West Side) 

    UVA Wine Bar & Restaurant (1486 2nd Ave, Upper East Side) 


    Casellula Cheese & Wine Cafe (401 W 52nd St, Hell’s Kitchen) 



    Rouge Tomate (10 E 60th St, Lenox Hill) 

    Bricola (370 W 51st St, Hell’s Kitchen) 

    Sofia Wine Bar (242 E 50th St, Turtle Bay) 


    Corkbuzz (13 E 13th St, Union Square) 



    City Winery (155 Varick St, West Village) 

    Buvette (42 Grove St, West Village) 

    Pearl & Ash (220 Bowery, NoLiTa) 


    Brooklyn Winery (213 N 8th St) 



    Brooklyn Oenology Tasting Room (209 Wythe Ave) 

    Huckleberry Bar (588 Grand St) 

    Custom Wine Bar (644 Driggs Ave) 


    Brook Vin (381 7th Ave) 



    Terroir Park Slope (284 5th Ave) 

    Franny’s (348 Flatbush Ave) 

    Wolf & Deer (74 5th Ave)